Wednesday, 22 October 2014

All We Are // Can't Do Without You (Caribou Cover)

Do you like two boy, one girl trios from Liverpool who make trippy alternative music? Yes? Well you've struck lucky with All We Are then. 

KLP // Medicine

Submerge yourself in the sheer ecstasy that is KLP's lofty vocals on her latest track Medicine.

MMOTHS // Yago

Nothing pleases me more than sharing music from Irish artists, especially when it's someone like Jack Colleran AKA MMOTHS. If I was a music critic, I'd write some rambling piece about how technically pristine this track is, but I'm not, so all I'm gonna say is, it's bloody good. It's been a quiet year for MMOTHS so fingers crossed this is the first new release of many to come.

Walking On Cars // Always Be With You

Walking On Cars are back in action with their new single Always Be With You which is scheduled to drop December 8th. The Irish band have been hotting up the music scene in my homeland for a while now, but they currently have UK domination in sight with a string of live dates here next month. The new electronic twist to their indie-rock sound is sure to see them steamrolling the charts over the next year.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Olivver // Freak

I'd be more than happy to let Olivver soundtrack a movie about my life if his latest release Freak is anything to go by. Although, could we please do something with this track's name, it really doesn't sit well with me if it's gonna be in my biopic.

Bastille Ft. GRADES // Torn Apart

I just woke up from a rather lengthy and very satisfying nap and this surprise release from Bastille was waiting for me. Sometimes life is just too good to me.

The Mispers // Shoulder

For a band that formed only 18 months ago, The Mispers have made quite a splash on the British indie-rock scene with their delectable signature sound. The London band are currently working on their debut album and playing a string of shows across the capital next month, but for now we've been presented with this euphoria inducing track, so sit back and enjoy.