Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jackie Lee // She Does

Broken Bow Records has a good habit of signing some top notch talent such as Jason Aldean and Dustin Lynch, so it was inevitable that their latest recruit Jackie Lee was gonna be pretty epic. The Tennessee native and twenty-something year old looks primed to hit the big leagues with his debut track She Does. With an arena-ready voice and the charisma to match, it won't be long before the former athlete is Nashville's brightest star. This is easily one of this year's best debuts so take a well deserved bow Mr. Lee.

Florida Georgia Line // Sun Daze

I'd be a liar if I didn't own up to being partial to a bit of bro-country now and again. Florida Georgia Line recently dropped Sun Daze, the second single from their new album Anything Goes. As you can probably tell from the title, the good-time track is all about summer vibes and getting, well, getting high I suppose, not that I condone that type of thing! Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are really sticking it the country radio man with this one, I'm not quite sure how well some of the more adult lyrics will go down, but that's Florida Georgia Line for you, always pushing the boundaries and having a good time doing it. In many ways, Sun Daze is the perfect follow-up to the more traditional sounding Dirt, portraying just how versatile the duo are.

Lady Antebellum // Freestyle

If there's anyone out there who still isn't convinced country music can be fun, step this way and listen to Freestyle, the second track to drop from Lady Antebellum's latest album 747. With more pop culture references than you can shake a boot at, Lady A amp up the excitement on their new single with witty, quick-fire lyrics and icy cool electric guitars. For those of you worrying about the future of country music out there, there's no need to with Lady Antebellum on the job, sure they like to mix up a bit, but they're as authentic as they come. A special mention for the video too, it's the best thing I've seen in a while.

KStewart // Close Enough

For a second there, I genuinely believed that Kristen Stewart was now a singer, I was expecting a catastrophe of Twilight proportions. The reality is so much sweeter though, KStewart  is all about R&B vocals and melodies just bursting at the seams. The British singer has friends in all the right places too, step forward TCTS, Annie Mac and Karma Kid to name just a few of her supporters. Close Enough portrays a confident songstress that looks set to tear up the rule book and the London music scene with it too.

Coasts // Wash Away

Over the past few weeks, I've been getting very acquainted with Coasts' music and they are without a doubt one of 2014's biggest indie successes. The Bristol outfit are currently gearing up to release their 4 song EP A Rush Of Blood on December 1st. The band have struck gold again with Wash Away, a dusky vocal, guitar laden, indie-rock anthem that will have scrambling to hear more. Don't take my word for it though, give them a listen and see for yourself.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Rodney Atkins // Eat Sleep Love You Repeat

I know it might be past a lot of our bedtimes this side of the big pond but I just had to share this new one from Rodney Atkins as soon as possible. The American country artist shows his appreciation for the simple things in life, food, sleep and a girl to share it with on his latest release, now that's someone who's easily pleased. Eat Sleep Love You Repeat serves as Atkins' first new music release in over a year but not to worry, the award-winning performer isn't slowing down anytime soon, instead filling up his time with a forthcoming album in conjunction with his longtime label home Curb Records.

Raye // Hotbox

At the age of seventeen, I was busy trying to sneak into nightclubs and complaining about school work, on the other hand, South Londoner Raye has spent the past eighteen months recording, writing and co-producing her forthcoming debut EP Welcome To The Winter. The soulful youngster, real name Rachel Keen, recently unveiled her latest track Hotbox, a sultry R&B track that will see Keen's profile sky rocket on the music scene. With bags of talent and nothing to lose, Raye looks set to dominate the blogosphere and beyond over the coming months.